Matt Diggity – Affiliate Lab + Bonus – WSO Downloads

Matt Diggity – Affiliate Lab + Bonus – WSO Downloads – Matt Diggity – Affiliate Lab Ever since I found my freedom through SEO, I’ve become eternally grateful.

I spend hours every week on Facebook groups and consultations because I want others to experience this.

At a certain point, I wanted to create a course that would be able to teach people how to rank and flip affiliate websites based on the test-backed strategies I was using.  I wanted to create the perfect affiliate SEO course.

Matt Diggity - Affiliate Lab + Bonus - WSO Downloads
Matt Diggity – Affiliate Lab + Bonus – WSO Downloads

Matt Diggity – Affiliate Lab + Bonus – WSO Downloads

Thus, The Affiliate Lab was born.


SEO is difficult.  You wouldn’t be here reading this if you already had it figured out.

I’ve been through the frustrations too…

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Sites that don’t rank.  Money wasted on techniques that don’t work.

It’s not your fault, though.  Unfortunately, the SEO information out on the net is polluted with watered-down, recycled content from people that don’t actually make their money from SEO.

But with a proven blueprint based on actual test-results, SEO starts to make a lot of sense.

The Affiliate Lab Core Content ($2997)

  • Pe perfect niche selection using the Niche Grading Tool

  • The Recursive Keyword Research Process

  • Constructing your site’s architecture for maximum optimization

  • How to get good content that will rank and convert

  • Building a website from scratch

  • Onsite optimization (both single page and multi-page)

  • How to create an online persona to build trust

  • Creating a social fortress

  • A complete guide to anchor text mastery

  • Local citations for affiliate websites

  • Backlinking: How to use white hat links or grey hat links (or both!) to get from Day 1 to Page 1

Matt Diggity - Affiliate Lab + Bonus - WSO Downloads 1


  • Members Only Access To The Lab Private Facebook Group. Come interact with all of The Lab coaches and other members and get ready to learn! Sometimes the best questions are ones you may never have thought to ask, but someone does-and it sparks brand new money-making ideas. ($1997 Value)

  • The Authority Module. Learn the nuances and careful considerations needed for building large authority sites that dominate niches. ($1497 value)

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for SEOs. What good are visitors if they don’t convert on your page?  CRO is my passion, and I lay out all my tricks in this module ($1297 value)

  • The Flip Lab – This is a whole course in itself created by Empire Flippers on how to get the most money from your website sales ($997 value)

  • The Beginner’s Lab – Are you completely new?  This module will get you up to speed, starting with the very basics, laid out to easily understand. ($997 value)

  • The Kitchen Sink – A playbook of tactics used to get any site unstuck. ($997 value)

  • Potential Access to the 6-Figure Flippers Mastermind: Members who flip their first 6-figure website are added to a private mastermind that meets periodically to discuss strategy and trade secrets (Priceless)

  • How to Steal Your Competitor’s Featured Snippet – Stand out in the SERPs and watch your click-through rate skyrocket with this. ($497 value)

  • Tactical Outreach and PBN Combos – Stand out in the SERPs and watch your click-through rate skyrocket with this. ($497 value)

  • Keyword Grabbing – How to make sure your site is ranking for anything and everything it should be ranking for ($497 value)

  • Affiliate Scaling Guide: How to efficiently build and scale multiple affiliate websites without breaking the bank ($197 value)

  • Mindset tactics for becoming a top-tier affiliate SEO ($197 value)

  • How to Stay at #1 – A playbook on how to maintain rankings once you hit #1 in the SERPs ($197 value)

  • Onsite SEO Checklist – A complete checklist, making onsite SEO easy ($97 value)

Offsite SEO Checklist – An offsite SEO checklist, so you never wonder what you need to do next ($97 value)

My Promise: Ongoing Updates

There’s no doubt about it… Google’s algorithm changes.

What works today might not work tomorrow.

When anything changes and my constant test results reveal it’s time to change tactics… so will my training.

I will update any videos that are replaced by superior techniques.

What is The Affiliate Lab and What is it Not?

The Affiliate Lab is…


  • A test-based system that allows you to rank in high-competition affiliate niches.  With each concept you’ll learn, you’ll first be presented it theoretically so you understand the concepts.  Then we’ll actually show you how to carry out the concept in an over-the-shoulder example on an actual website.  We’ll build a site from scratch for you, right before your eyes.

  • Evergreen.  This is the last affiliate SEO course you’ll ever need to buy.  When the algorithms change, my tests will pick this up, and you’ll be the first to know.


  • Access. You not only get access to me, but you get access to the member’s only Facebook group which includes master coaches in every aspect of digital marketing (Mark Luckenbaugh, Dino Gomez, Brian Willie, Brendan Tully, …)

It’s not…

A magic bullet.  Don’t be expecting that there will be no work required.  I lay out the process and you just need to follow the easy steps.  But those steps need to be executed.

No lazy people, please!

Who is the affiliate Lab for?


  • Beginner SEOs ready to take a shortcut into advanced SEO practices

  • Advanced SEOs who want to polish up their SEO game and take it to the next level with tactical linking, debugging, and monetization strategies.  If you read my blog, you’re familiar with me releasing new strategies never seen before.  The Affiliate Lab contains the strategies that are too valuable to release publicly.

  • SEOs that gave up. If you tried other methods and didn’t succeed, its because you had the wrong information.  There’s no theory or guesswork in The Affiliate Lab, its all based on actual tests.

  • Client SEOs looking to diversify into passive income through affiliate

  • Lone wolf SEOs that would like to join an advanced SEO community


Complete Newbies who have never built a website.  We start from scratch.


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