Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 – WSO Downloads

Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 – WSO Downloads – A Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Starting & Scaling A Profitable Dropshipping Business” (Backed By Real Case Studies)

Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 - WSO Downloads
Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 – WSO Downloads

Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 – WSO Downloads

Discover my exact strategy for starting a profitable store

Based around three “reveal it all” case studies ($1 million total in 6 months).

Includes over 10 hours of video content.

Includes lifetime mentorship access.

Includes the same tools I used to become successful.

What is eCom Success 3.0?

eCom Success 3.0 is a case study based program in which I reveal three of my dropshipping stores.

One store generated over $473,000 in 6 months.

The second store made me over $300,000 in 4 months.

The newest and third store earned me $222,000 in just 3 months.

(approx. 30% profit for all three).

You get to see behind the scenes how I launched these stores, ran the ads, and managed all the operations.

 The goal of this program is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow.

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What is the benefit of this program?

 eCom Success 3.0 is for bloody beginners to experts that want to earn even more money.

Even if you’ve never heard about Shopify or dropshipping, there’s a video tutorial for almost every topic.

eCom Success 3.0 will guide you from earning $0 to $100,000 a month and beyond.

It will hold your hand through the whole process and answer every question you might have.

The goal of eCom Success 3.0 is to accelerate your learning process of making as much money and as fast as possible.

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What’s New in the 3.0 Version?

eCom Success 3.0 contains over 4 hours of new content, covering my latest Facebook ads strategies in-depth and revealing a new case study.

In the new case study, you will learn about a store that I started from scratch in June 2019 and made $20,000 profit in the first 29 days.

Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0 - WSO Downloads 3

What You Will Learn

  • Level 1 – How To Create Your $20,000 Profit/Month Store

Everything You Need To Know To Create The Same DropShipping Store I Did…

  • What is DropShipping?
  • Why DropShipping Is The Best Business Model For Fast Money
  • ‘ I never Sold Anything Can I Still Do DropShipping?’ 
  • How To Earn $10,000 A Month Without DropShipping
  • The DropShipping 2.0 Method
  • Setting Up A Succesful Dropshipping Store
  • Picking A Winner Domain
  • Making A Discount Code That Generates You $64,732.65 In Just 6 Months
  • How One App Generated Over $6,500 Profit For Me (With No Additional Work)
  • The $5,000/Month Profit App
  • Case Study $473,000 Store
  • Case Study $305,000 Store
  • Case Study $222,000 Store
  • Level 2 – Maximum Profit Essentials

We’re Eliminating All Weaknesses Of DropShipping And Build A Killer Store.

  • Creating Your Winner Instagram Account
  • How To Find A Winner Niche
  • How To Find Big Profit Winner Products On Wish Dotcom
  • How To Get A DropShipping Agent
  • Increase Profits Up To 10x With Your DropShipping Agent
  • How To Decrease Shipping Times To 5 Days Instead of 3 Weeks
  • How To Research Your Winner Product
  • How To Unfairly Research Winner Products
  • How To Find Winner Products No One Has Ever Found Before
  • Loser Store VS Winner Store
  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating A Winner Store
  • The Perfect Upsell To Your Winner Product
  • What Are The Best Payment Providers
  • Why Influencers Are Not Responding To You
  • Why Your Website Loading Speed Makes All The Difference
  • How To Make Facebook, Stripe, And PayPal LOVE You
  • The 7 Figure Checkout And Shipping Hack
  • Level 3 – Getting Eyeballs On Your Store And Automation

The Best Store Is Nothing Without Traffic. How To Get Traffic And How To Let Others Do Your Work.

  • Automating Your Passive Income To Make Money In Your Sleep
  • How To Get $3/Hour People Doing Your Work While You Earn 95% Of The Money
  • How To Do Facebook Ads And How To Scale Them
  • My EXACT Facebook Ads Strategy In-Depth
  • The Facebook Ads Cheat Tool
  • How Facebook Ads Made Me $3,000 Profit A Day
  • How To Get Professional Facebook Ads Guys That Scale Your Store To 6-7 Figures
  • Instagram Marketing Advanced – How To Advertise Almost Everything
  • How To Get Million Follower Instagram Profiles To Promote Your Product For Almost Nothing
  • How To Get Instagram Agencies To Advertise Your Product To Millions Of Views
  • Level 4 – How To Turn Your Store Into A Real Brand

By Now You Are Succesful With DropShipping. Turn It Into A Brand And Start Earning Real Money.

  • How To Increase Returning Customer Rate 
  • How To Create Custom Packaging That Makes Customers Back Again And Again
  • How To Brand Out Your DropShipping Store
  • All The Secrets Of White Labeling
  • Negotiating With Suppliers For The Best Price
  • How To Use The ‘Comparison Method’ To Deal With Suppliers
  • How To Find The Most Reliable And Cheapest Supplier For Your Business
  • How To Make Packaging That Rivals Gucci And Dior
  • How To Win Chargebacks And How To Prevent Them
  • How To Get Back From A Banned PayPal Account
  • Where To Buy PayPal Accounts And How To Stop Getting Banned
  • How To Get Back From A Banned Facebook Ads Account
  • Selling Your Shopify Store For $55,000
  • Level 5 – The 7 Figure DropShipping Mindset

Your Future Ecom Success Relies On Your Attitude. This Level Will Give You The Right Mindset.

  • Closing Thoughts On Level 1-4
  • The $10,000 Advice You Need To Hear
  • 7 Figure DropShipping Attitude
  • How To Make Your Employees LOVE Their Job
  • Why You Should NEVER Trade Your Time For Money
  • How To Develop Your Money Vision
  • The #1 Productivity Hack You Need To Know
  • Bonus Level

I Give You All The Tools To Succeed As Much As I Did.

  • How I Would Build A New Store Starting Out (Step By Step)
  • Receive The Same Packaging Supplier I Use
  • Access To My Own PayPal Account Dealer
  • The Best Shopify Collection-Hack In The Whole World
  • The E-Mail Backend Goldmine Method
  • How To Do The Apple-Approach Of Marketing
  • Unlimited Store Reviews
  • Unlimited E-Mail Help
  • Unlimited Account Support
  • Unlimited Strategy Planning

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