JR Rivas – Personal Brand Profits – WSO Downloads

JR Rivas – Personal Brand Profits – WSO Downloads – Want to grow A Facebook Group That Consistently generates 5 figures/Month in the next 47 days?

There’s a ton of opportunities on the internet.

JR Rivas – Personal Brand Profits - WSO Downloads
JR Rivas – Personal Brand Profits – WSO Downloads

JR Rivas – Personal Brand Profits – WSO Downloads

So why are so many people struggling to get their business off the ground?
I’m not talking about a few extra bucks here or there or “hobby money” I’m talking about NEEDLE-MOVING-MONEY.
I’m talking about hitting 10k/Month selling a product or service with your very own facebook group.
If you’re not interested in that then simply click off this page & we won’t waste each others time, if you are interested then read on…
There are TWO types of startup business owners:
– Those who struggle for ages, bouncing from opportunity to opportunity hoping to find their golden goose
– Those who find the RIGHT opportunity, get HELP, and take massive action because they know a proven path!
Which one would you rather be?
If your answer was the second type, then read on…
Why does growing a facebook group to make

I’m JR Rivas & I’ve helped over 5,000 Entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the market in the form of a course.
 I’ve also helped them build profitable businesses that only require a laptop, a Wifi connection, and some hard work to get started!
Here’s exactly why selling a course beats all other digital opportunities to start up with:
-Once It’s done it involves very little of your time so it’s extremely scalable.
-There are no hard costs of goods (Since it’s all digital it is 100% profit.)
-You don’t need any tech or design skills to get started.
-You don’t even need to be an “Expert” in your field (More on this later)
-You don’t need to run out & start cold emailing or door-knocking (like with the agency model)
-The entire business can be put on auto-pilot (not right off the bat, but a few months in)
-You can sell a product before actually having to create it to validate your idea and make some money before having to do any work (more on this later)
Hands down, this is the best business model to get to 10k/Month by far.
 Personal Brand Profits So how exactly does that work?
One course sale can be worth anywhere from $297 all the way up to $3,000 (my clients are selling multiple at this price point a week)
So you can imagine what just a handful of course sales a month can do to your income right?
 Personal Brand Profits The opportunity is there if you’re ready for it!
There’s really 2 ways You Can begin to Sell Your course
There are tons of people selling courses that are doomed to fail from the beginning because of they…
  • Fear Humiliation & thus don’t take action for fear of embarrassment
  • Have no idea where to get started or a proven system and thus get overwhelmed
  • They don’t know how to put out a quality product that will get their customers RESULTS
  • They don’t know where to build their audience of BUYERS
  • They think they need to be an expert
  • They don’t know how to build trust in the market
I get it… I was there too when I began trying to sell my first course but let my failures be a lesson to you, this doesn’t have to be painful!
 Personal Brand Profits There is a better way…
The second type of person who chooses to build a personal brand in order to sell their product or service has a few things going for them…

 Personal Brand Profits They…
  • Know exactly what to do to get started
  • Know how to build an audience of BUYERs
  •  Know how to do this without having any tech experience at all
  •  Know exactly how to sell something before they create it
  • Have a roadmap that shows them step by step exactly HOW to build their tribe, establish authority & monetize their course to that 10k/month level
This sets them up for massive success and profitability from day 1…

These are the types of people who get help, learn what works, and skip all the rookie mistakes!
They know they don’t want to wait around forever to get success, and that they can speed up the process!
They’re not afraid to invest time, effort, money, and energy into doing it the RIGHT way the first time…
They don’t want to waste money,  embarrass themselves, disappoint customers by putting out a bad product, feel sleazy or feel lost along the way…
Personal Brand Profits The 6 Lies of Selling A Course
Lie #1: You need a huge following to make 5 figures a month from your Course..
On my journey to building my Course, I fell for this lie… I thought that I needed 100k+ followers to make 6 figures. One day while talking to one of my buddies, he told me he was making 55k+ from a facebook group of 2,000 people. This shattered my belief system because at the time I knew people on Instagram with 87k followers struggling to sell shoutouts for $30.
That’s when it hit me, you do NOT need a LARGE following, you just need a following of BUYERS.
The key is to invest your time into attracting your ideal clients, not a bunch of “tire kickers”.
Make sense?
Lie #2: I can’t Sell a Course because I’m not an expert.
Do you think news reporters are experts in all the topics they cover?

Absolutely not!
So why do millions of people trust them for their information?
Because they have taken on the role of the reporter & you can do the same…
When I first started out I wasn’t an expert in anything but I knew I could bring value to people by finding those experts, leveraging their expertise & sharing it with the world.
Over time, I became an expert myself & you can follow the same formula.
Also when it comes to certain topics I recruit other experts(at no cost) to come into my course & teach on the certain subjects I’m not an expert at.
Lie #3: If I put myself out there, I’ll be embarrassed, humiliated, or called out for saying something inaccurate
This is a huge fear of many people… but what I’ve found is the complete opposite. The more honest & open you are, the more people are attracted to you. I used to be so afraid of doing things like cursing in front of my audience, once I embraced it I stepped into my authenticity & my audience began to grow like crazy!

I quickly realized the parts of me that I was embarrassed to show my audience was what actually strengthened the bond & connected them to me even more!
Taking on the role of the reporter as I previously mentioned helps with this as well, because no one expects you to know everything.
Lie #4: You need to have a product built BEFORE you begin growing an audience
I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs & I get this all the time. Entrepreneurs come in, build a product, then try really hard to find people to sell that product to.

 Personal Brand Profits I do it the complete opposite.
I help entrepreneurs like you, find their audience, find out what their needs are, sell them a product than create it.
I come from the world of finance & we call that a risk reversal.
Lie #5: You have to be great at marketing or branding to successfully sell a product.
The truth is the opposite… Rather than being great at shouting, you have to be great at listening to the people who follow you & catering to their needs. THAT’S how you sell a product successfully. Amazon did not become Amazon by having the greatest commercials in the world, they became Amazon by having the best product.
Lie #6: It takes A lot of time out of my day to build an audience & sell a Course
It does take time. However, with the system I’ve built I figured it down to a science. I sit down once a week, plan & schedule my week & the majority is automated.
Here’s What You’re Going To Get…
Program Closes in…
  • Personal Brand Profits 6-weeks of refined PROVEN training
So you can discover exactly how to grow an audience, build authority & Launch Your Hyper-Profitable Course In 47 Days.
  • Week One: The proven system to build your first 1,000 people engaged audience of BUYERS even if no one’s ever heard of you
  • Week Two: How To craft your first offer so you can sell it before it’s ever even made without seeming sleazy!
  • Week Three: How to make sure your offers convert like an 80 Inch TV on Black Friday!
  • Week Four: How to build a product your customers will LOVE that will keep them coming back
  • Week Five: How To Automate your business systems so you don’t have to spend ALL day building your brand
  • Week Six:  Course Scaling so you can know exactly how to build a sustainable business that will outlast time & any platform
6-Week Training VALUE: $1997

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