SalesMentor by Traffic & Funnels – WSO Downloads

SalesMentor by Traffic & Funnels – WSO Downloads – The First & Only Training Program Specifically For
High-Ticket Sales Professionals, Consultants & Agencies

SalesMentor by Traffic & Funnels - WSO Downloads
SalesMentor by Traffic & Funnels – WSO Downloads

SalesMentor by Traffic & Funnels – WSO Downloads

Deal professional,

If you’re interested in becoming a formidable force in your industry please read this
.What I‘m about to show you will be a turning point in your career, I guarantee you.

Call it providence.
Call it luck…
Call it the good fortune 🙂
Years ago I learned how to sell from an older gentlemen by the name of Gary. My business was struggling.
In fact, getting one new client a month was a miracle. “Baby” Taylor was unfocused. I would start and stop something a million times. There was never enough money coming in to feel successful.
My biggest breakthrough came after I paid Gary $750 for 30 minutes of his time.
We got on the telephone and he asked me what I needed his help with.
Sales,” I replied.
It might be hard for you to understand how LITTLE I knew about sales at the time. Sales was a dirty word for me. 
I did not enjoy selling and I wasn’t very good at it.
But I knew it was something I had to learn if I was going to be wealthy and successful. So I paid up and tried to apply everything he taught me that day.
Less than a year later I paid $5,800 to another coach who taught me more about sales.
At this point I was a damn good marketer and a decent salesman but I still wasn’t “in control” of who bought and who didn’t.
He showed me even more about sales. Things like the “cadence” of a good sales call… and how to control the outcome without doing anything shady to the buyer.
Looking back, I owe a lot of my success to Gary for getting me started down the path of becoming a master closer. Today, I have led over 2,000 one-on-one sales calls.
I’ve closed over seven million
dollars in sales for our businesses. 
I’ve trained almost a dozen high-ticket enrollment specialists on how to use my “Leadership Based Closing Techniques” and hundreds of our clients have implemented this model to become better closers in their businesses.
I’m telling the truth when I tell you that MANY millionaires have been created from this. 
This month, we are finally launching something that people have asked us to do for a long time.
The SalesMentor™
Monthly Mentorship & Training for Sales Professionals Who Won’t Settle for 2nd Place
Every month you are going to get the absolute best sales & enrollment training in the world.
What I hate about most of the sales training material out there is they’re very disrespectful to the buyer.
It’s all about “give me my money now” and “who’s got my money” and “do whatever it takes to win.”
If you cheat in the Super Bowl you get disqualified and penalized.
If you cheat in the Olympics you are disqualified and your country is disgraced.
Why is it different in a profession such as sales? You do not need to lie or manipulate to have a lucrative AND respectable career/business. You just need to know how to control the outcome and lead people.
Sales has been disrespected as a profession for far too long because greedy salesman have taken things too far.
What is ironic is that learning how to close the right way (respectful of the buyer, leadership based, not aggressive but influential) will actually help you have HIGHER close percentages than using shady tricks!
When my business partner Chris and I started Traffic And Funnels™ 3 years ago, we started at zero and in less than 15 months had surpassed $600,000 per month in sales. How?
In a word: SALES
The price I paid at the beginning created massive paydays later on and the returns just keep getting bigger and bigger.
Before I show you this brand new offer let me tell you whether this is something you can profit from (or not):
  • Do you get paid based on your ability to influence others? (salesman, marketers, consultants, agencies, etc)
  •  Do you hate to lose? 
  •  Would you like to have more respect? From your friends, family members, colleagues?
  •  Are you motivated by being the best?
If you answered Yes to any of those this will probably be a goldmine for you and you’re going to make a lot more money than you pay for it.
What is The SalesMentor™?
Each month we will send you tools, tactics, strategies, and frameworks for enrolling more sales and having more fun doing it.
These newsletters come fresh out of the field from the previous month; uncensored and undiluted. You will not find anything as potent or time-sensitive as these training letters. This letter comes printed each month for easy highlighting, note taking, and review. 
Post-Call Analysis, Breakdown & Review
You will also get a full recording of a sales call being SHREDDED to pieces with lessons and key training points. 
Whether you struggle with objections, or pricing, or cadence, or deposits, or follow ups, or confidence, etcetera — these post call analysis & reviews will CHANGE how you go about selling in your business. These calls are available for audio download and also transcribed and included in your box each month with your Training Letter. 
Book of the Month w/Sales Notes
There’s nothing quite as fun as a good sales book and some downtime. If you want to be the best, you’re going to need to prioritize time for feeding yourself the best material. 
We’ll take the guesswork out of “what to read next” and if you’re short on time, we’ll include our notes and highlights from the book to skim through. 
Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls With Our Personal Enrollment Team
There’s not a problem you’ve dealt with as it relates to sales that we haven’t faced, beaten, and built a system around. Guarantee you… our team is at the very top of the top and we carve out time each month for our SalesMentor™ members to attend video conferences to get personalized coaching to take their sales game to new heights. 

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